Suave Essentials Body Wash

Best Budget Body Wash for Women

Why people love it
  • Smells incredible 
  • Unbeatable price 
  • Lathers nicely  



There are a few users that believe the smell of this is more chemical than natural. Additionally, it’s not sulfate or cruelty-free. 


Even though it is one of the best body wash for women options on the market, you probably haven’t looked beyond the price of this product. And, for many, that’s enough. It is, after all, about 15 cents per ounce when you pick it up through Amazon’s Prime Pantry.

You should expect a nice, bubbly lather when using this budget body wash from Suave. And, the cheery blossom and green tea extracts, mixed with vitamin E really get the job done. That said, it does contain sulfates (but not parabens), so if you are concerned about the effect these might have on hormones, you might want to go in another direction. There are plenty of budge options out there, this one just happens to be the best.

Organic or natural: No

Parabens: No

Sulfates: Yes. This isn’t a terrific choice for teenage girls as sulfates may affect hormones.

Added fragrance: Yes

Cruelty-free: Nope. Again, this company works in countries where animal testing is required – so even if this particular product may be animal-friendly, the brand isn’t.

Good for sensitive skins: No

Exfoliating: No

Texture: Gel like

Scent: Cherry blossom, jasmine, and black currant

Package size: You can pick up a 15 ounce bottle as part of your Prime Pantry delivery, but you can find multi-packs if you’re willing to pay more.

Pricing: You’ll pay less than $2.25 (at the moment, less than $2.10) for the 15 ounces and that means less than 15 cents per ounce.

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