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Why people love it
  • Great for shorter hair
  • Adds a lot of definition
  • Perfect for creating textured styles

Spray waxes aren't the easiest to work with - and while this one offers a lot of definition, it's not at the level as some of the wax products on the list. 


This is an interesting concept from classic Toni & Guy brand - a wax that you spray onto your hair and then work with your fingers. Think of it as flexible, reworkable control for short hair. And, it doesn't do that bad with longer layers either. It adds definition and texture to a lot of different cuts and styles. And it still offers something akin to ultimate control on top of a reasonable hold. Plus, it's surprisingly non-sticky and offers users a product that rids them of the dryness while adding waves and curls. 

If you're looking for another reason to fall in love with this product, just consider the price. You're going to get a lot of wax for the price and if you need a lot of texture, you'll need something cost effective. But, it doesn't have the strongest hold and the scent is undiscernable. What's more is that it's on the greasy side, so it's better for guys with dry hair. And, let's face it; you may not have the easiest product to work with. 

  • Hold and Control: Expect average hold, but you'll still have a lot of control over where your hair sits.
  • Ability to Restyle: Brilliant! You should give this product a try if that's important to you. 
  • Texturing Ability: This is where the beauty of this product lies; you want it for the texturing aspects (and perhaps nothing else). 
  • Shine Level: You should expect some shine with this spray wax - and it may be too much for some guys. 
  • Flakes and Washability: Not bad on the whole and shouldn't cause anyone major headaches. 
  • Scent: You won't  buy this product for its smell, but it won't turn you away either. 

Bottom Line: It's a strange wax, as the format and texture would suggest. And, it's not for everyone. That said, it's worth a try and might be the sort of product you could work into your routine with other styling products. 


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This is an interesting concept from classic Toni & Guy brand - a wax that you spray onto your hair and then work with your fingers. It provides reworkable control for short hair - and longer layers too. Plus, it's surprisingly non-sticky.

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