Best Extreme Hold Hair Gel for Men

Style Sexy Hair Gel
  • Seriously strong, long-lasting hold
  • Great scent
  • Flake-free and easy to apply
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  • Super strong hold does well with high styles
  • Adds some shine
  • Great price
  • Some folks experience issues with the dispenser

This is the ultimate for guys that want a super hold - whether it's because of style (mohawks) or conditions (long sessions at the gym or terrible weather).

It will tame even the most unruly of dos and keep hair in place forever.

This gel works well across different hair types and lengths; really, anyone that wants the hold should get it.

Also, the price is right, as is the fragrance, and the flake-free experience.

Notable ingredients: Inside you'll find shine enhancing titanium and lanolin for healthy hair. In case you're wondering where the hold comes from, it's the serious wax base.

Hold and control: You buy this gel for the hold. It's the most extreme hold you can imagine - and lasts through workouts and unhelpful weather. It probably even lasts through tornados and swimming sessions (though we can't say we've tested that). Nonetheless, it's a serious hold that lasts.

Shine level: You should expect some shine with this gel, but it's hardly the high gloss you'd expect with such a high hold.

Texture and fragrance: The texture is surprisingly non-sticky and non-greasy. And, as far as the smell goes, it's got a light, clean scent - if you can smell it at all.

Application: It's best to apply this to damp hair, then sculpt your style into place quickly; it does harden within minutes.

You can achieve a more tousled, messy look if you apply it to dry hair. And you can use a hair dryer to achieve volume. Either way, use only a tiny amount or you'll be sorry.

Flakes and washability: You shouldn't experience any flakes with this gel. But, we should warn you that it is a little more difficult to wash out than other gels. But that's the tradeoff for the super hold.

Sizes and pricing: There's a large 16.9 oz size and a tiny travel size. The latter is wildly expensive compared to the former and we'd stay away from it unless you just want a sample.

When you buy the large size, it works out to less than $1.25 per oz, which is perfectly respectable, and it comes with Prime shipping.


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