Best Christmas Gift for Coffee Drinkers

Stumptown Coffee Blend Trio
  • Delicious, high quality assortment of coffee
  • Three gourmet blends made using top-notch international products
  • A beautiful, classy little gift!
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Includes three delicious coffee blends, comes in a beautiful gift box, features high quality coffee sourced from around the world, sustainable and a free trade product.

Pricier than your average coffee (but way better tasting!).


Why They'll Love It: If your father or mother-in-law are coffee snobs, this is the gift sure to impress. The little gift box contains three Stumptown coffee blends--the Hair Bender roast, the Holler Mounter roast, and the House Blend roast—each made from high-quality beans sourced from the best coffee-growing countries around the world. Stumptown uses organic, sustainable products and encourages the growth of small-time coffee growers, making it an eco-friendly and free trade product. For quality coffee, this is definitely your top pick!

Price: At $35 for a 3-pack of ½ pound bags, this is slightly on the pricey side, but definitely worth it for those who value quality and sustainability.


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