Why people love it
  • Disorients and scares off potential assailants
  • Stuns your attacker from three different points on the baton
  • Made with military-grade aluminum alloy; highly durable

The design of the handle/button is flawed, and users report quality control issues.


Performance: The baton design of this stun gun means you have three weapons in one: a flashlight to scare people away, a stun gun to electrocute attackers, and a baton to clobber assailants over the head.

The baton is made of military-grade aluminum alloy, and it's able to deliver a beating without bending or cracking. The casing is lightweight but packs a wallop. At 19 inches long, it's a good length for men and women alike.

But you may not even need to use it. The crackling of arcing electricity is very loud, and it should startle away any attackers before they get within striking range.

Features: The flashlight comes with three light settings: 100% brightness, 50% brightness, and strobe light to disorient attackers. The 3-Watt LED light is very bright at its full setting, and will illuminate the face of your assailant for clear identification.

The baton is designed to deliver a 9 million volt electric shock not only at its tip, but also along the two sides. All you have to do is swing the baton and take your attacker down.

You'll find the built-in battery has a decent life, and you will only need to recharge the stun gun occasionally. The wrist strap makes it comfortable to carry and reduces the risk an assailant will tear it from your grip.

Price: At $36, this is a slightly pricey stun baton. It's ideal for bouncers and security guards, though it's a tad large to fit in a purse. But, thanks to its lifetime warranty, you can always be protected when out and about!

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