Why people love it
  • Electricity activated by squeezing the ring; no need to press a button
  • Beautifully easy to conceal
  • Small and lightweight, but with a surprising potency

Excellent design, very compact and durable, delivers a stinging shock, easy to activate, features a built-in safety switch, can be carried it in a pocket or bag, and incredibly reliable.

It's a bit too large for small hands, plus the charging process is a bit unclear and the case is prone to cracking.


Performance: If you're looking for a highly concealable sting ring (wearable form of stun gun), this is the best on the market. It doesn't have the stopping power to knock down your opponent, but it will deliver a stinging shock that will knock them back--enough to break free of an assailant.

The ring is small, compact, and mostly durable, though a few users have reported the plastic case is prone to cracking. However, the shock plate can survive many uses—it can even hold up under a strong punch to an attacker.

Features: This sting ring has no buttons or triggers to activate; instead, all you have to do is squeeze it to send electricity crackling through your assailant. There is a built-in safety switch to keep you from accidentally electrocuting yourself.

The ring is designed for those with larger hands, so anyone with very slim fingers may find it a bit large or unwieldy. However, it's small enough to conceal in any pocket or purse and pull out when you need to defend yourself.

Price: At $23, this is a pricey little gadget. The quality control issues and lack of warranty makes it not quite the top choice, but it's a good option for anyone who wants a truly compact, fully concealable protection solution.

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