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Best LED Lantern Overall

Why people love it

• Highest-rated LED lantern on the market

• Incredibly durable; long-lasting design and LED light bulb

• Feature-rich and a very reliable piece of outdoor equipment


Heavy and uses D batteries.


Performance: If you want the outdoor lantern that delivers high quality at a great price, this is the bad boy for you. You'll find fewer lanterns more durable and long-lasting. You do have to use (expensive) D-batteries for the lantern, but you get so many hours of battery life you'll only change them once in a while. Changing the batteries is beautifully easy as well.

The lantern is durable (dropped from 7 feet without a scratch) and built to survive a lot of heavy-duty outdoor use. The brightest setting delivers 340 lumens of light, but you can turn it to the low-light 33-lumen setting to save battery life.

The lantern has a polycarbonate globe/cover that protects the LED light bulbs. It's water-resistant and designed to float, so you've no need to fear water damage. Plus, with the ergonomic design, you can carry it for hours comfortably.

Features: You have three light settings: bright, medium, and low, as well as an SOS mode (a 10-lumen flashing and non-flashing light that alerts rescuers to your presence). The outer globe is designed to be removed, and you can hang the lantern upside down for illuminating the ground.

The carabiner-style hooks on both ends of the lantern make it easy to attach it to any rope or cord for easy hanging or carrying. The recessed power button will stop the lantern from being accidentally turned on at night. There's even a battery indicator light that will turn red when the batteries are low.

Price: At $36, this is one of the priciest lanterns on our list. However, considering its features and performance, it's worth every penny. The lantern comes with a 2-year warranty, but you won't need it thanks to the highly durable design!

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