Why people love it
  • Bright little light
  • Portable
  • Long lasting batteries

Although you might not think about a pen light outside of a medical setting, many people have found a good use for this—especially women who want something tiny to carry around in their purse. This is waterproof, super durable, and throws a consistent and strong beam.

  • Some people complain about how hard this is to switch on and off because of the heavy press button
  • On flip side, button is meant to prevent accidentally leaving it on and burning out the batteries

Purpose: For anyone looking for a super handy flashlight with a good amount of light, this is a great pick. Streamlight, in general, provides some really high-quality tactical and safety flashlights, but this is the pick of the litter based on reviews. Doctors and EMTs will find it handy for use on the job, but anyone can use it thanks to its compact size. 

Performance: This is a tiny flashlight, but it packs a whole lot of light in it. It’s super durable too (made from similar aluminum alloy material Streamlight uses on all their flashlights), so you shouldn’t have to worry about dropping and breaking it. With two AAA batteries included, you get great runtime before needing to replace the batteries. There's even a lifetime warranty to ensure your pen flashlight is always in good condition and working well.

Price: It’s a little expensive for such a small flashlight, but you’re paying for the high-quality construction and dependability of one of the brightest pen flashlights on the market.

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