STORi Premium Quality Clear Plastic Vanity Organizer

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Why people love it
  • Good quality, sturdy design
  • Much larger than expected
  • Can be used for organizing anything

If not careful, this product can crack. 


What's it for? The STORi Vanity Organizer was designed for essentially anything. However, we think it's the perfect organizer for all of your makeup brush needs. 

Dimensions: This makeup organizer is much larger than you would expect. In fact, upon arrival, many were surprised at how big it was. This product is 10.1 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 4.1 inches high. 

Details: The acrylic on this organizer is solid and sturdy. And, it's made in the USA, which feels good too. There are 5 large compartments in this organizer which are quite deep, so even your tallest brushes should hold up nicely. It has 4 compartments in the front and one large compartment in the back. The dividers in the front of this organizer make it perfect for storing brushes, while the large compartment in the back can hold your brush cleaner or whatever else. We've seen this organizer hold up to 30 brushes (with room to spare). Now that's impressive. As a bonus, this product is easy to clean and can even be thrown in the dishwasher. 

Price: Finally, a makeup ogranizer that is somewhat reasonably priced. The STORi Vanity will only cost you $17 (even less if you can find it on sale). We think that's a great deal considering how large this organizer actually is. 

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