Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer

Best High-Wattage Garment Steamer

Why people love it
  • Ultra-fast assembly and easy to use
  • 1500-watt fabric steamer
  • "Really works!" and "Great value"

Users report that the quality of the hose is subpar and the design of the water reservoir is awkward and could be improved.



The Steamfast SF-407 is the highest wattage steamer on our list at a whopping 1500-watts! With such a high wattage, the steamer is able to heat up in 45 seconds and can remove wrinkles from a variety of fabrics. The 40-ounce capacity removable water tank allows for 45 minutes of continuous steam, providing plenty of time to steam numerous garments. Reviewers repeatedly state that this product truly works and is well worth the investment. 


In addition to fast heat up and large reservoir capacity, the Steamfast SF-407 includes a detachable and adjustable telescopic pole, which optimizes user comfort and makes storage quick and easy. The steamer also includes a built in clothes hook and attachable fabric brush to remove particles such as lint, hairs, and loose threads. As an added bonus, the product comes with a full-year warranty.


Coming in just under $60, the Steamfast SF-407 is very reasonably priced given the high-wattage and vareity of features. If you are looking for a reasonably priced steamer with all the added bells and whistles, the Steamfast SF-407 is just for you.

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