Steak of the Month Club

Best Gift for Meat Lovers

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Why people love it
  • The gift that will keep on giving all year around
  • Amazing quality meat
  • Steaks are delivered fresh; more tender and better flavor

Steak delivered to his doorstep every month, new and delicious cuts of meat to try, perfectly aged, and the meat is delivered fresh!

More expensive than buying the steak yourself.


The Details: If your man is a meat lover, this is the gift that will automatically keep giving. He is able to choose from three different steaks: filet mignon, boneless rib-eye, and New York strip steaks. Four steaks are delivered each month, and you/he can choose which steak/s to be delivered each month.

The steaks are Omaha beef, and they arrive fresh, not frozen. They're a better quality of meat than you'll find in supermarkets—gourmet quality each and every one. The meat is ready to put right on the grill for a weekend of deliciousness.

Price: You pay around $100 per month, which can come up to quite a high price tag by the end of the year. However, given the quality of the steaks, it's worth it!

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