Steadfast Pomade Anchor Hold (4oz)

Best Strong Hold Pomade for Restyling

Why people love it
  • One of the best smelling pomades with a super hold
  • No need for a long shower; washes out easily
  • Super easy to style and restyle

You turn towards Steadfast Anchor Hold because you want to restyle your hair throughout the day. It's the sort of product you need if you expect fingers in your hair.

The formula may be a little too strong for some hair types as it can be a little drying. Also, be careful of over-combing once you've got it in your hair.


Guys fall all over themselves for this pomade. Okay, maybe that's pushing it a little too far, but Steadfast's Anchor Hold Pomade is really quite special. It's got a strong hold that you're not going to find in every pomade and, yet, it's not too shiny. In fact, you can expect your hair to stay in place without it looking or feeling like gel is anywhere near your hair. 

The obvious benefit to this particular pomade is, of course, the hold. But, it's good for a lot more than simply keeping your hair in place. For a start, you can apply a bit more water and restyle your hair as the day goes on. And, you don't necessarily need a lot of product to achieve the style you want. That said, this pomade is a little finicky. You will need to experiment to find exactly the right level of hydration during application. But, it's a great choice when you want hold and the ability to touch your hair. 

  • Hold and Control: Awesome! We'd really like to say that a few more times. It's a terrific hold. 
  • Ability to Restyle: That's the big positive of this pomade over any other with a strong hold. Your girlfriend can ruffle your locks and you'll still be able to put yourself in order quickly. 
  • Texturing Ability: Pomades aren't really designed for texturing as much as keeping sleek looks in place. But, it's not going to make your hair look thin and flat either. 
  • Shine Level: You'll have a wonderfully healthy and natural shine - as soon as you work out just how damp your hair needs to be during application. 
  • Flakes and Washability: Okay, this washes out easily, but it is prone to flaking if you over comb your 'do after application. Just be careful and remember to add more water if you need to comb it again. 
  • Scent: Expect to smell like a rugged man's man. Don't worry, that doesn't turn the ladies off; it's attractive. 

Bottom Line: It's not a perfect pomade. Steadfast Anchor Hold does, however, have plenty of pluses that are simply too hard to ignore. If you want a super hold and restyling ability, you probably shouldn't look anywhere else. But, it's not going to give you extra texture and you can expect a learning curve when it comes to application. 

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