Why people love it
  • Delicious, delightful flavor
  • Absolutely addictive for those that love flavored coffee
  • Perfectly balanced blend

Some reviewers think the caramel flavor tastes a bit artificial. If you're not a flavored coffee kind of person, move along.


We know that Caramel flavoring is for girls. Okay, no we don’t. There’s a time and place for flavored coffees, and even though men aren’t big on them (most of the time), this is one of the good ones.

And it shouldn’t be a surprise to see Starbucks as a favorite k-cup. After all, they’ve been running things in the coffee world for some time now. But, for the most part, you’re better off driving down the street to get your fix. These are just for your girlfriend (or so you’re free to claim).

That said, this makes an absolutely special dessert coffee or a soothing afternoon treat for flavored coffee lovers. You’ll also score big points if you include in your kids’ dorm room care packages.

  • Flavor: If you enjoy flavored coffees, be warned! This one is addictive even though it’s about as sweet as a person can manage.
  • Body: There isn’t much to say about this; it’s a sweet coffee that acts like a sweet coffee – body doesn’t have much to do with it, but it’s not weak.
  • Aroma: Yum. Flavored coffee lovers can’t get enough of the smell.
  • Price: Yikes – at 85 cents a cup, you can’t drink as many of these as you would like.

Bottom Line: Whether it’s your undying loyalty to Starbucks or your need for a sweetly-flavored coffee, this is a real winner. Sure, it’s not what coffee snobs would drink, but it’s a solid coffee. If only the price were cheaper.

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