Halloween is all about candy, but you don't need to serve it to party guests in boring bowls. 

  • Officially licensed Star Wars Candy Holder
  • Stands approximately 18-inches tall
  • Back is flat, designed to stand flush against a wall

Ready to get in on Halloween fun? Yoda is here to help. The removable candy bowl is easy to clean and let's be honest, all things Star Wars are good. Right?

What Reviewers Say:

  • This is "Life Size" if you consider how big Yoda should be! He is backless to be able to stand him against a wall, but you can't tell even from the side. He's just backless enough to sit flush to the wall. He is fully heavy foam, awesome detail, no defects in creation or paint. The detail causes photos to make him look like he's wearing cloth. Nope, all foam. Not a deal breaker. He's just perfect if you're a Yoda fan.
  • So this thing was bigger than I expected. I'm a child psychiatrist and Yoda is offering my kids healthy sugar-free candies in my office. He's like 2.5 feet tall, which for some reason is bigger than I expected. Fits on my window sill well and is pretty eye-catching. He's made of some sort of foam and I think wouldn't survive rough-housing, but otherwise is badass
  • The kids that came to my house trick-or-treating about died every time they saw this guy. They loved him and sure made us a hit. He stands fairly tall and has a decent sized bowl. One word of caution is that when you load the bowl, he will tip over. I had to put a weight in his hollowed-out back to stop him from tipping over.


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