Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Best Christmas Gift for Cinephiles

Why people love it
  • All six (digitally re-mastered) Star Wars movie in one collection
  • TONS of bonus content for Star Wars fans
  • Excellent video and sound quality

Comes with Episodes I-VI on Blu-Ray, 45 extended/deleted scenes, bonus audio commentary for all six movies, interviews with cast and crew, and 90+ minutes of Star Wars spoofs.

Some upgrades to the older movies may "ruin" them, for longtime Star Wars fans at least.


Details: This is the perfect gift for your geeky boyfriend because it's Star Wars! What more is there to say?

The 6-Blu-Ray set comes with all six movies in HD and top-quality digital sound, plus more than 40 hours of bonus content—interviews with the cast and crew, audio commentary by George Lucas, deleted and extended scenes, and so much more.

Be warned: the original trilogy has been digitally remastered, so purists may take offense at some of the upgrades.

Price: Yes, $87 is a bit of a high price to pay for a Christmas gift, but if he's a geeky guy, it's money well spent into something he's no doubt loved since his childhood days.

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