Star Wars Replica Lightsaber

Best Gift for the Dad Who's a Kid at Heart

Why people love it
  • Made with real metal
  • Realistic replica of Kylo Ren’s lightsaber
  • Fun sounds

Be careful removing the stickers attached to the lightsaber. They’ve been known to damage the paint.


Why he needs it: It’s much more fun to act out a movie than it is to sit on the sofa and watch it quietly. This lightsaber lets dad join the action with Kylo Ren and the rest of the cast. It has bright lights that flicker when dad moves the saber, plus it makes noise. What more could a kid at heart want?

Well, now that we think about might also like a voice changer helmet and Kylo Ren costume to go with his lightsaber.

Price: We’ve seen this lightsaber as high as $200, but it’s currently around $170 on Amazon. That price might seem high, but keep in mind it’s not constructed from cheap plastic like the lightsabers found in the toy aisle at Walmart or Target.

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