Star Wars Jedi Robe Costume

Best Halloween Costume to Wear When the Force Is with You

Why people love it
  • Great quality costume
  • Fits (most wearers) perfectly
  • Wonderfully comfortable

You'll sweat a little bit. Try not to wear it to a crowded party or when it's too hot. And, the belt isn't as well made as the rest of the costume. 


Whether you're a fan of Star Wars or not, this isn't a bad costume to have on hand. It's remarkably well made and given that there's almost always a new edition to Star Wars collection, it's rather timeless. We would have appreciated the addition of a light saber in this costume, but perhaps it's not there because you'll sweat terribly once you start showing off your moves. But, you can have this professionally tailored, which we appreciate. That, and these also make fantastic pieces to mix and match, allowing you to create entirely new costume ideas in the future. 

Rating out of five:

  • Originality: 3
  • Scare Factor: 1
  • Sexy Factor: 4
  • Identifiable: 4

What’s it made of? This is one of the highest quality costumes on this list. It's made from a combination of linen, cotton, and polyester. You really could do a lot worse. 

Will you need extra bits? You get an inner and outer tunic, along with a tabard, belt, pants, and robe. As long as you wear everything together, people will know exactly who you're meant to be. But, come on now, you will definitely want to add a light saber. And, we recommend it too. If for no other reason except that it's really fun to play with. 

Is it hand wash only? Sadly. There are some bits you could probably throw into the machine, but we suggest gentle and line drying only. 

Will it break the bank? For less than $60, you get quite a lot of stuff. But, we do think you'll want to add the cost of a light saber. So, it's not cheap, but it should last (perhaps not as long as the Star Wars franchise, but at least for a few parties). 

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