Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Best Gift for a Boy Who Loves Star Wars

Why people love it
  • Keeps curious children entertained
  • Authentic sound effects
  • Encourages creativity

Simple assembly process - many kids can put this Droid together without adult assistance. A built-in sensor detects obstacles so the Droid avoids crashing into them.

The control panel requires an app, which means he needs a smartphone or tablet to drive the Droid.


This Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit makes it a cinch for your gift recipient to build his own working Droid. Once assembled, the Droid embarks on missions and follows simple commands. Several reviewers praise the Droid’s design, explaining that it looks and sounds like a real Droid from the movies.

An included battery ensures the fun starts right away, and the kit also comes with stickers for a custom design. This Droid is on Amazon’s Holiday Toy List, and it’s also an awardee of the Toy Insider STEM 10.

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