This is the way to conquer the galaxy. And, you know you want to wear it every day. (Please don't.)

  • Durable injection-molded chest armor, shoulder guards, arm guards, gauntlets and leg guards
  • Officially licensed Star Wars collectors costume

This is a serious costume. You shouldn't get it unless you're committed to it. After all, it's not cheap. It is, however, as badass as can be. One warning, it will give children nightmares, so be careful.

What Reviewers Say:

If you're going to pay this much, you need to know what you're getting. Here's an idea.

  • Overall I would recommend this armor/helmet combo for anyone who doesn't want to assemble their own but is not afraid of making some slight modifications. I think that $530 is a fair price, but wish that it came with a better helmet. I can see why anyone who paid over $800 for this when it first came out would be very disappointed. But with a little bit of work (about an hour total for me) this will get you an extremely "realistic" looking stormtrooper. Please note that it doesn't come with boots, neck seal or blaster.
  • Can't go wrong with a stormtrooper outfit. I think my legs are a little short, as the thigh pieces bunch up in the groin area. Now I know why you hardly see any stormtroopers running in the films.
  • Even though the product didn't fit me too well I'm 5 foot 9 guy and its recommended for people most likely like 6 foot so I knew it wasn't going to fit that well. But I had a great time making modifications to it. I do comic con and sakura con emerald city you all them conventions. So making cosplays is one of my hobbies so I spent like a good 2 weeks to a month making extreme modifications to it to my size. And damn what can I say it looks BADASS. So even if it doesn't fit that well you'll still have a great time and get LOTS OF PHOTOS TAKEN. Oh man you'll feel like hawt shiet for awhile ;p

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