Why people love it
  • Dry storage in stopper holds coffee grounds
  • Integrated pot and press
  • Lid separates to two cups

This remarkable thermos from Stanley does a lot more than store your hot coffee; it will also brew it.  And then, it will keep it hot for a full 24 hours.  

The plastic pieces can melt if placed too close to the heat source for too long.


Coffee is always important.  Somehow, it's even more important when you're camping.  Roughing it is just easier when you've had cup or two.  

This leak proof, vacuum-insulated thermos keep hot drinks hot for 24 hours.  It also keeps cold drinks cold for 20 hours and iced drinks chilled for an impressive 100 hours.  It features an integrated pot and press.  Add grounds and water, and you're good to go (and these features nest to save space.  You also get 2 cups in the lid and dry-storage in the stopper for coffee grounds.  You may never need to leave your campsite.

What Reviewers Say:

  • "First of all, they thought of everything with this kit. The bottom (outside) layer is the pot to heat your water, complete with latching pre-installed handle. Just give the small button a squeeze to lift it up or put it down. This layer is obviously a great pot for heating up your meals too, especially if you pre-pouched it and just need to reheat with a hot water bath. The next layer is the French press plunger, and yes, if you pour really, really carefully, you can strain other foods with it (like pasta) when you're not making coffee. The next nested layer is the famous Stanley vacuum bottle, so basically you use your kit to make a whole pot of coffee and then pour it into the bottle to keep it hot. The lid that closes the bottle actually has a small twist off lid the store your coffee grounds, and the exterior lid twists apart to form two cups."
  • "Gave this to my son-in-law for his birthday along with a very small propane camp stove. As a game warden, he has many early mornings and late nights 'in the wild'. He was thrilled! He used it that evening and said he had coffee in 3 minutes! The family also goes camping and this will be handy for family use."
  • "This is the coolest thing I own. You have no idea how wonderful this thing is until you open the box and begin to take it apart. You can heat water, brew coffee, share the coffee with you hunting or fishing buddy or store the coffee in the nested thermos and drink it six hours later, still hot. There is a place for your coffee grounds as well. All in one. If you have a duck camp, deer camp or a fishing camp, you need one of these. You will love it!"

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