Stanley Classic Flask

Best Christmas Gift for a Night Out

Why people love it
  • Beautiful colors; rugged design
  • No leaks, beautiful style, compact and easy to hide
  • Holds enough to share

Sneak alcohol into any office, cinema, or party with this flask; created using highly durable stainless steel, BPA-free, and features a wide mouth for easy filling.

Some reviewers report that the design of the cap is defective; if over-used, it gets difficult to remove the cap.


Features: If your man is the sort who always want a nip of alcohol on him, this is the perfect gift! The 8-ounce flask holds enough whiskey, rum, or vodka to keep him warm and happy on any camping trip, office party, or skiing adventure.

Made from durable stainless steel, this flask is durable and designed for outdoor adventures. The wide mouth makes it easy to fill without spilling, and the flask is compact enough to fit in any pocket (pants, jacket, suit, or sports coat). It's dishwasher safe and keeps your alcohol in perfect drinking condition for days at a time!

Price: At $17, how could you say no to this? It's the perfect "extra" Christmas gift to show him you care. Plus, he'll spend a lot less on alcohol any time he goes out with his buddies. 

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