Why people love it

  • Because every home needs a durable and reliable set of basic tools 
  • Well-made tool set 
  • Affordably priced  

Business Insider recommended this tool set a few years back, and I think it still holds water as one of the best graduation gifts, for him and for her. Why? Because it’s just so dang practical and it’s not likely to be something they’d ever think about buying for themselves.

Some customers complained about the tools staying in place when you close it up. I actually have this set and can tell you that that’s only the case if you don’t properly snap (and hear the *snap*) the tools into place.


Happiness Factor: You may get a “Gee, thanks” in response to this, but trust me, it’s a good gift idea. Everyone should have a trusty set of tools readily available in their home. 

Practical Applications: What’s more practical than a tool kit that includes all the basic tools you’d need for both home emergencies, maintenance, and setup? 

Price: The Stanley brand is well-known for their high-quality tools, which makes the price of this kit so awesome.

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