Why people love it
  • Works well for blackhead exfoliation
  • Long-lasting scrub, face, and body wash
  • Great smell and gentle on skin

While the overall sentiment about this scrub is that it’s gentle on skin, there have been some consumers to report breakouts, rashes, and extraneous residue on their skin after using this product.


Effectiveness: Because this is a scrub and not just an acne face wash, we would recommend this be used specifically for back acne and blackheads. Most consumers have reported great results with this product, but it will probably be most effective if used to target hard-to-reach back acne.

Sensitivity: Since some users have reported breakouts and rashes from this scrub, we’d recommend you test out a travel size first. The formula is meant to be non-abrasive and a gentle way to clear out blackheads, but it’s best to be on the safe side, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Price: This is the cheapest product on our list and it’s probably the best value for what you get. The $9.34 price tag will get you a pack of two, which makes it a lot more affordable than most face or body acne-clearing scrubs you’d find at the drug store or online. Better yet, reviewers report making a single 6-ouncer last for months. Overall, a great value.

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