Best Wi-Fi Coffee Maker with Grinder

Why people love it
  • A unique approach to brewing world-class coffee
  • Store, grind, and brew your coffee beans all the same machine
  • Out-of-the-box coffee machine; a product like nothing else on the market

High-priced, not yet available, and the milk steamer must be purchased separately.


Operation: Let's make one thing clear: the Spinn is NOT yet available. The manufacturer intended to release it in late 2017, but had to delay launch until 2018 due to design issues. However, from what we do know of the machine, it seems an utterly fascinating choice!

The Spinn coffee machine offers an airtight cylinder to store coffee beans, a reservoir for water, grinder to turn the beans into coffee ground, and a brewer to spit out a perfect cup of coffee. The Spinn uses centrifugal force to spin and agitate the grounds at various speeds, according to your coffee preferences.

The machine doesn't use pods, but only fresh beans. It offers a wide range of coffee choices—from Americano to espresso to even French press-style coffee. Sadly, not a lot of information is available on exactly how centrifugal force helps to make a better brew.

At 17 inches tall and wide, it's a hefty machine that will take up space on your countertop, but totally worth the space if you want all your brewing choices in one convenient package. All except a milk frother, that is—you'll have to buy it separate.

Features: The machine comes with user-friendly controls that allow you to select your desired coffee: from cup size to type of coffee to brew temperatures. The controls are intuitive and offer a simple, one-touch operation for your favorite cups of coffee. If you want your morning brew "just so", the Spinn promises exactly that.

For those who need "smart" machines, the Spinn app is easy to connect to and offers a broad range of features: brew timer, adjustable settings, brewing recipes, barista mode (for those who want to get technical), and remote-start of the brewing process. The app is not yet available on iOS or Android, but will only become available once the Spinn launches (sometime in 2018).

Price: Launching at a $499 price tag, this is a pricey beast! If it can deliver on everything it offers, however, it will be an expense justified by the high quality, reliability, and versatility of this incredibly high-tech coffee machine.

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