Best Water Shoes for Outdoor Adventures

Speedo Women’s Hydro Comfort 4.0
  • A great pair of shoes for hiking, walking, and exploring!
  • Comfortable; good cushioning, support, and stability
  • Built for active, outdoor, and recreational use
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Solid mesh, good food protection, durable, active design, aggressive tread, thick heel cushioning, comfortable for walking and hiking, snug fit, easy to slip on/off, and decent durability.

The sole traction is iffy when wet, and they take a long time to dry.


Performance: For those who want to get their hike on, these are the shoes to try. Not only are they built in the classic, active tennis shoe style, but they offer excellent stability and good arch support. Their thick heel cushioning will reduce wear on your joints, making them perfect for higher-impact activities. You can even go running in these bad boys!

These shoes are made with a fairly durable mesh upper, which allows for excellent drainage. However, some users have complained that they take a long time to dry. On the upside, you'll find they grip your feet tightly as you walk, run, or climb, and you'll never have to worry about your feet sliding around in the shoes.

Design: The shoes have a thick heel cushioning and an aggressive tread, though some users complain the rubber outsole has poor traction on slippery rocks or floors. However, you'll love how the lacing system works—the quick toggle makes it easy to loosen or tighten the laces, and you can slip the shoes on and off with ease.

The shoes are stylish—the perfect mix of bright colors, breathable and drainable mesh, and a synthetic upper frame that protects your feet as you're out and about. All in all, great for all your outdoor adventures!

Price: Starting as low as $17, these bad boys are absolutely worth bringing on your beach, jungle, or island vacation! They can handle water, hiking trails, and beach sports—all at a very reasonable price tag.


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