Speedo Vanquisher 2.0

Best Wide-View Swim Goggles

Why people love it
  • A great pair of goggles for casual and competitive swimmers
  • Durable, comfortable, and reliable
  • 25% wider field of view than most competitive goggles

Great field of vision, affordable, comfortable, great for athletes, good fit, durable straps, leak-proof fit, anti-fog, low profile, and includes three interchangeable nose pieces.

Very dark lenses make it hard to see indoors.


Performance: If you like to have the widest possible field of view, you need these goggles. They provide you with a 25% wider field of view than competing models, ensuring that you can see everything around you in the pool, ocean, or lake. Thanks to their slim profile, they're ideal for competitive use as well as casual.

The goggles are fairly comfortable, thanks to their soft silicone eye pieces. The compact design is easy to wear for hours without pain, and you'll find they're a well-built pair made of durable silicone that is resistant to heavy use.

Features: The mirrored lenses help to keep sunlight out of your eyes, and they come with 100% UV protection. These goggles also feature anti-fog technology, but sadly it will wear off after a few months of use. When wearing these goggles indoors, you may find the lenses are too dark to see clearly.

If you're uncomfortable with the current nose piece, switch it out for one of the other two that come with the goggles. They are easy to customize to just the right fit, and the easy-adjust straps will allow you to fiddle with the goggles as you swim.

Price: At $18, these are slightly on the pricier side of affordable. However, given their durability, reliability, and versatility, they're a good option to consider.

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