Why people love it

• Surprisingly comfortable for such a simple design

• Durable, sturdy, and stable

• Stay securely on your feet when walking, hiking, and doing water aerobics


Mesh can chafe, sizes run narrow



These Speedo water shoes can be pulled on easily when you need them. These shoes feature synthetic soles, and, for reasonably priced water shoes, they're not bad looking. (If you've seen other water shoes, you'll know what I'm talking about.) These bad boys will help keep you stable while out sailing, or even just walking around the pool!

The fact that they're slip-on shoes means they're beautifully easy to put on and take off. The heel tab gives you good grip while you tug them on, and they'll grip your feet firmly. The adjustable bungee lacing system allows you to customize the fit to your feet.


The synthetic sole is thick enough to offer support without decreasing stability, and the lightweight mesh upper allows for excellent water drainage. The material is hydrophobic and quick-drying, with great airflow through the shoe.

The toggle closure locks the bungee straps in place on your feet, but it's easily loosened to slip the shoes off. The S-Trac outsole design helps to disperse water flow. The toe cap will protect your toes as you run, walk, or swim.


Starting at $23, these are a great pair of water shoes to have when doing exercise in or around water. They're comfortable enough to wear for hours (once broken in properly), and they will keep you stable on any terrain.

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