Why people love it
  • A good pair of intro goggles for new swimmers
  • Bright and colorful; sized and styled for children
  • Comfortable and easy to wear anywhere

Colorful, easy for kids to adjust, suitable for a wide range of facial structures, soft and comfortable frame, UV protection, and won't restrict movements.

These goggles are prone to fogging up, and the adjustor strap tends to break.


Performance: If your child is just getting into swimming, these are the goggles to try. They're bright, colorful, and come in a broad range of styles for both boys and girls. Thanks to their wide size, they can fit on a broad range of facial structures.

The silicone eye cups keep your child's face comfortable even after hours of swimming, and the goggles are designed to be slim. They won't restrict your child's movement, but will protect their eyes underwater. They're leak-resistant, with a durable design that makes them ideal for active children.

Be warned: the adjustor strap isn't very resistant to wear and tear and many users complain that it's the part most prone to breakage.

Features: The goggles come with UV protection for your child's eyes, but sadly the anti-fog technology tends to wear out fairly quickly. However, once they're on your child's face, they won't slip or shift out of place. The fit is snug and secure, giving your kids total eye protection underwater.

Price: At $11, these are a well-priced pair of goggles for your child. Not only are they a good intro pair, but they can stand up to regular use in the pool, at swimming lessons, and even in the ocean.

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