Spectra Baby USA S1 Hospital Strength Breast Pump

Best Hospital Strength Breast Pump

Why people love it
  • Exceptionally portable; take it anywhere
  • Quiet operation for discreet expression
  • Compact and comfortable design

This is a little on the pricey side (especially at the MSRP of $285). Though you will likely get it at a cheaper price through Amazon, the S2 model is even less expensive. 


There's something you should know before you read any further; there's no such thing as a hospital grade breast pump. Sorry. The FDA does not recognize the term "hospital grade breast pump" and neither should you. The term applies to multiple-user pumps that are provided in hospitals so lactation consultants can work with new mothers. And, we want to qualify that some more; you cannot assume that any used or multiple-user pump outside of the hospital has been completely sterilized; indeed, bringing your own to work with is always a better idea if you can.

This closed-system, electric pump does, however, have the efficiency and accessories you would expect from something you would call a hospital grade breast pump. This double pump even has a nightlight and a rechargeable battery. And, there are some other bonuses too. 

  • Efficiency: Of all the breast pumps you could ever consider, this one is perhaps the most efficient. Not only does it effectively work exactly the way a hungry child would, you'll find a lot of options here. You can adjust speed and suction to your liking and nursing moms report more milk with this pump than any other electric breast pump they have used. And, because you can pump both breasts at the same time, you can be done before you have a chance to finish that glass of ice tea. 
  • Ease of Use: Set up is very easy as it's just a matter of making all the connections you need, including the backflow hygiene protectors. Once you're set up, this breast pump could actually be called fun. There are buttons that control the suction (vacuum) and cycle (speed) along with plus and minus buttons to adjust to your heart's content. Then there's the nightlight, a button to reduce the noise, and a clock to let you know how long you've been pumping. Basically, it provides everything but a television to watch while expressing. 
  • Comfort: If you experience sore nipples quickly or easily, this is the pump that you should try. It is about as gentle as you're going to find - even when switched onto the higher, stronger cycles. 
  • Portability: On it's own, this electric breast pump is quite portable as anything with a rechargeable battery should suggest. But, it doesn't come with a tote, backpack, or even a bottle bag. You can purchase a tote separately, and you may already have a couple insulated bottle bags... but, if you want everything to be just so, you will need to spend more. And that makes us a little sad. 
  • Washability: Awesome, awesome, awesome. That backflow thing really works to prevent condensation. If only it could also clean itself!
  • Noise Level: Another big plus with this machine is the noise level. There almost isn't one, except for a shhhh sound. Combined with the nightlight, this is a solid choice for exclusively pumping mommies. 
  • Price: The MSRP is $285 and you do get a solid machine for that price - which you won't pay as there is always a bargain to be found. But, it only comes with two bottles and standard breast shields. If you want a carrying case, extra bottles, different shields, or anything else - you must expect to pay more for it. Now, this portable breast pump's younger sister, the S2 is a little less powerful, but it's also less expensive and possibly worth the look if budgets are very tight. 
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