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Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head
  • Extra-sized shower head (5") makes for a better shower
  • Incredibly powerful on highest settings; mild on lower settings
  • Great even in locations with low water pressure
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Features 5 built-in adjustable jets that produce 50 high pressure water streams, water-saving and eco-friendly, hotel-grade, self-cleaning nozzles that reduce mold and grime, and three pressure settings that create up up to 58 customizable sprays.

Cannot adjust the angle/direction of the shower head.


Features: If you want a high pressure shower head, you'll love this Speakman product. It's built to deliver a steady, high pressure stream of water for a beautiful massage for your skin and muscles.

The 5-built in jets each have 10 streams, and you'll love the shower feel as the 50 water streams hit your body. You can choose from three settings: Intense, Massage, and Combination. The massage stream is nice and gentle, but the intense stream is perfect for those who want to feel truly clean! It's easy to switch between the settings thanks to the knob built into the side of the shower head.

The polished chrome finish looks beautiful, and the material is the same grade as those used for hotel shower heads. Not happy with the water output? Remove the flow restrictor, and you'll increase the water output for a VERY powerful shower. Want to save water? Replace the flow restrictor to keep the water flow between 2.0 and 2.5 GPM.

Price: At $33, this is one of the pricier shower heads on our list. However, if you want only the best high pressure shower head, you'll find that none of the other shower heads around can deliver that pressurized water stream that gets into every crevice and leaves you sparkling clean.


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