Spareparts Joque Harness

Best Lesbian Sex Toy

Why people love it
  • Harness is comfortable and fits really well
  • Soft fabric that doesn’t chafe
  • Sleek-looking and can be worn under clothes or without

This is only a harness. Dildo needs to be purchased separately.


Solo or Duo: While only one of you can wear this, its intent is for duo play.

Stimulation: Aside from having a soft, comfortable harness to wear, the stimulation from this sex toy will come from whatever add-on toy you use it with.

Strength: While the harness itself won’t do anything to penetrate or titillate, it is known for fitting well, not chafing, and holding up to long-term use so you can be comfortable while wearing it.

Special Features: There are built-in pockets so you can store vibrators for the wearer’s pleasure. Some customers have also said that the harness can be used with double-ended dildos for double your pleasure.

Price: This is a pricey one alright, but it’s vegan, hand-made, and high-quality, so it’s guaranteed to last you awhile.

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