Why people love it
  • Very supportive and comfortable for your breasts
  • Lightweight and breathable, perfect for hot weather and active use
  • Fits like a dream, smooths and shapes beautifully

Visible beneath a low neckline, and the material is a bit thin.


Style: If you're looking for light form control, you'll love this active tank top. It's form-fitting enough to hide imperfections but not so tight that it compresses or restricts your movement. The chest has enough room to wear a bra beneath, offering added support for your breasts. The wide shoulder straps are slim and mostly invisible when worn under light cotton tees.  Plus, it's lightweight enough that you'll hardly feel it when exercising. 

Material: The tank top is made of 58% spandex and 42% nylon, making it a shirt that focuses more on elasticity and stretch than durability. The nylon is fairly breathable, and the lightweight fabric (a bit TOO lightweight for some) will keep you cool on hot days.

Perfect For: Wearing beneath close-fitting tees, casual shirts, and sportswear. This lightweight, form-fitting tank top is the perfect piece of shapewear to slim down your upper body without being noticeable through active tops.

Price: Starting at $35, this is far pricier than your average gym shirt or active top. However, considering that it's worn to keep everything from jiggling as you exercise, it's worth the price!

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