Spanx Pillow Cup Signature Strapless Bra

Most Comfortable Strapless Bra

Why people love it
  • Provides extra coverage
  • Super soft; as comfortable as a regular bra
  • Stays put due to the built-in rubber grip and wide band

Want a bra that feels just as good as a regular bra? The Spanx Pillow Cup strapless bra provides women with good coverage, supreme comfort, and the ability to focus on other things besides pulling their bra up every five seconds.

Some customers find this bra to run slightly large.


Comfort: Despite having a wider band, which on some other bras can lead to chafing, this one does nothing but provide a nice amount of support. With extra coverage, users of this bra also won’t have to worry about their strapless bra falling down and causing an embarrassing situation.

Security: Leah, an editor at Elle magazine, said, “I’ve always been much more likely to go braless than suffer through an ill-fitting strapless bra I’d constantly have to pull at. But I could see that changing with this Spanx pick, which felt as secure as a normal style.” It also comes with straps if you want to give the bra a break every now and again.

Price: Unfortunately, this is about $20 over the price of most strapless bras you’ll encounter.

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