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• Perfect for those who prefer foam soap to regular liquid soap

• Reduce soap usage by up to 75%; less waste and messes

• Get over 800 hand-washes per refill

High quality foam soap dispenser, more economical, less messy, long-lasting, 16-ounce reservoir, adjustable, energy efficient, and designed to stand alone or be wall-mounted.

The design is a bit iffy with the on/off button, as well as the volume controls.


Performance: As one of the highest-rated soap dispensers around, it makes sense we include this foam soap dispenser on our list. Foam soap is slightly different from regular soap—it delivers the same cleaning power, but uses up to 75% less actual liquid. You'll make less mess and waste less soap every time you use the dispenser. Definitely the more economical option!

The dispenser runs on two AA batteries, and you'll find there are few competing products that have as long a lifespan as this bad boy. The sensor is accurate without being oversensitive, and you can adjust the output of the foam. With the 16-ounce reservoir, you get up to 830 hand washes for each refill. It may not be the most beautiful dispenser, but it gets the job done!

Features: The dispenser comes with its own stand that keeps it steady and stable on any sink or kitchen countertop. However, there are also wall mounts if you want to save counter/sink-space. Mounting it on the wall also reduces the risk of splashes or leaks damaging the dispenser.

There are only two volume settings (low and high), but the foaming soap uses far less liquid than regular soap. The on/off button is the same as the volume settings, so you may end up turning off the dispenser when trying to fiddle with the dispensing quantity—and vice versa.

Price: At $34, this is one of the pricier models on our list. However, considering the amount of soap you'll save with each use (thanks to the foaming design), you'll find it's one of the lowest-cost options in the long run.

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