Best Gift for a Military-Bound High School Graduate

Southwest Airlines Gift Card for a Round-Trip Ticket Home


  • Accepted at multiple destinations in the United States 
  • No expiration date 
  • Hassle-free redemption process


Works for flights at nearly 100 locations. No fees.

It’s only good for airfare. This is somewhat self-explanatory, but we’ve seen a couple reviewers who were upset about the fact that you can’t use it for anything else.


Why Your Grad’s Gonna Love It: Each year, more than 100,000 men and women join the military fresh out of high school. Many of these kids have never left their parents’ homes for long periods of time, let alone traveled across the country. If your favorite grad becomes homesick, this gift card makes it easy for them to visit loved ones.

It doesn’t expire, so your recipient can hold onto it if he or she gets called for active duty or finds it difficult to sneak away from training.

Price: We’re featuring the $200 airline gift card because we figure it might be enough for your military trainee to head home for a visit. If not, you can buy additional cards in different denominations.


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