Southwest Airlines Gift Card

Best Gift for a Mom Who Needs a Break

Why people love it
  • Quick delivery
  • Great for cheap flights
  • No expiration date

Mom can combine this gift card with other payment methods, including 2 additional gift cards, to book a cheap flight. The card is good for more than 85 destinations.

Although we considered it a positive benefit, some reviewers complain that you can only use 3 payment methods per flight.


Why she needs it: Encourage mom to embrace her wanderlust with this Southwest Airlines gift card. She can jet off for a solo retreat one weekend or put the funds toward a family vacation. We love that the card is good for nearly 100 destinations because it gives mom control over where she vacations. That’s why we chose this card over a timeshare or prepaid condo rental.

Price: We featured the $100 gift card in our post, but the card also comes in $50 and $200 denominations.

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