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Soundmoov Wireless Earbuds
  • An incredibly versatile, user-friendly pair of wireless earbuds
  • Good quality sound, durable design
  • Convenient and comfortable; decent price tag

Super stylish, sleek, very compact, Bluetooth-compatible, deep sound, solid bass performance, come with a protective carrying case, versatile fit, stay firmly in your ears, super easy charging, very versatile, and great value.

Sound performance in the highs is lacking, and these earbuds have a shorter-than-average battery life.


Design: These earbuds are designed unlike any other: they're not connected to each other by any wire or cable, but are truly 100% wireless. Their Bluetooth-enabled design allows you to use one or both at the same time, or you can share an earbud with a friend (up to 6 feet away). When you're done using them, simply stick them back in their protective case—which also doubles as a charging station!

The ear tips are comfortable, designed based on "ear size, angle, and shape data from thousands of users". The three ear tips allow you to choose the ideal size and shape that suits your ears.

Performance: Don't expect studio quality sound from these little wireless earbuds (from ANY earbuds, really), but you'll find that the punchiness of the bass makes your deeper music styles (hip hop, dupstep, RNB, etc.) very enjoyable. The sound is great in the low and mid ranges, but it suffers a bit in the high notes.

The battery life on these little headphones is only 4 hours,  but you get up to 120 hours on standby. When used individually, you get 2 hours of life from each earbud, or 4 hours when both are used together. The Bluetooth pairing with your devices is fairly simple, and they're compatible with an impressive range of smartphones and devices—including HTC, Blackberry, iOS, LG, and most modern Android phones. You can even pair them with your TV  or computer!

Features: Don't expect a lot of fancy features from these headphones—they deliver convenience and comfort, without all the extra frills of larger, bulkier earbuds and headsets. However, you'll love the protective case, which makes it easy to keep track of your earbuds wherever you are. And, the case comes with a built-in 450 mAh battery, which makes it perfect for re-charging your 55 mAh headphone batteries wherever you are.

Price: At $40 for the pair, this is a very well-priced pair of wireless earbuds. Given its sound quality and amazing versatility, it's definitely worth the cost!


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