Best Luxury Air Mattress

SoundAsleep CloudNine Series Queen Air Mattress with Dual Smart Pump Technology
  • Made with leak-resistant laminated PVC
  • Smart Pump makes inflating and deflating a breeze
  • Super comfortable sleep

SoundAsleep takes two of the seven spots on this list of best air mattresses and for very good reason. For the CloudNine, specifically, it’s because of its supreme comfort, durability, and ease of use.

There have been a few customers that complained about this air mattress losing inflation. However, if you review The Sleep Studies survey of previous users, they found that only 1 of 108 have discovered a leak within the first month of use. Within a year (and still within the warranty period), 1 in 68 have spotted a leak.


Performance: When you’re paying top dollar for an air mattress, you have to expect top performance too – and that’s what you’ll get with the CloudNine Series. Because of its thick and puncture-resistant nylon, the chances of a leak are very low. And, with a one-year warranty on your side, you can easily get this replaced if you do encounter any issues.

Features: This air mattress is made with ComfortCoil technology to provide a level surface to sleep on, increasing your comfort all night long. There’s also the silent, but super helpful Smart Pump that refreshes your air mattress’s inflation in case it should go down.

Price: Well, it’s definitely expensive for an air mattress… but you’re paying for top-notch quality and a guarantee of a good night’s sleep.


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