It's a proper torch that operates with a basic lighter. No matter how you dice it, that's awesome!

  • Electron ignition + strong wind-resistant burner
  • Reaches temperatures up to 1300 degrees C
  • Disposable lighter increased lifespan of 60% when used with Pocket Torch

The SOTO Pocket Torch can reach temperatures of up to 2300F. This is all done with a disposable lighter, the kind you get at any liquor store. When using the Pocket Torch you increase the lifespan of your disposable lighter by 60%.

What Reviewers Say:

  • I recently picked up one of the Soto Pocket Torches and I am amazed how it can generate so much heat from a simple disposable lighter. The design is simple; you slide in a Scripto disposable lighter, put the top back on and click - instant mini blowtorch. The lighter is made from the same tough polycarbonate used on Nalgene bottles, so the lighter is totally protected. I've had several expensive cigar and "windproof" lighters that you have to refill with butane. Those lighters have all failed me when I got out in the woods and really needed them. I am a wilderness gadget freak, so I'm sure I will be buying more to put in my vehicles and bug out bag
  • As an avid outdoor enthusiast, I highly recommend adding this tool to one's gear. The size and weight are ideal for stowing in a pants or shirt pocket, or perhaps the pouch of a backpack. Having tried many torch type lighters before, I was pleased that the Soto Pocket Torch was far more reliable than anything I have ever used in the past. Refilling the torch is simplicity itself because it takes inexpensive square type pocket lighters as the fuel source (note that it does NOT take the round body disposable lighter type such as Bic.) I received this tool as a stocking stuffer for Christmas and after regular use both in the field and around the house (good for lighting the grill and occasional cigars too) I had to change the lighter refill after a little over six months.
  • I'm an Alaska backcountry guide. This thing rocks. No more burned thumbs lighting your stove with a regular lighter. Also works great in wind. Recommended.

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