Why people love it
  • Comes with radio alert for morning wake-up and timer to fall asleep listening to the radio
  • Accurate and reliable; automatically adjusts to DST
  • Display is large and very easy to read, even for those who need glasses

Buttons located in hard-to-reach location on the back of the unit.



This is more than just a basic radio alarm clock. Not only can you set it to turn on the radio in the morning, but it's even useful for listening to the radio at night. Simply set the timer to turn off the radio at a certain time, and it will automatically switch off once you're asleep. Not only does it have radio capabilities, but it comes with 5 built-in soothing nature sounds to help you wake up and fall asleep.


The extra-large LCD screen make it easy for you to read the time, even if you aren't wearing your glasses. There is even an LED projector that displays the numbers onto the wall or ceiling, with a 180-degree swivel to ensure maximum convenience. The clock comes with dual alert funtionality, automatic adjustment to Daylight Savings Time, and a gradual wake function. You have up to 10 radio station pre-sets, and total control over the brightness and volume. There's even a USB charging dock for all your devices!


At $60, this is a bit of a pricey device. However, for those who rely on the radio for their music (in the morning and evening), this highly versatile product is a good purchase.

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