Why people love it
  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Simple to setup
  • Easy to use

Most users complain about connectivity issues—whether it be the way it needs to be set up through the TV or with lost connectivity. Whenever purchasing expensive tech gifts, be sure to check for a warranty.


Longevity: Like with any other tech gifts, so long as your gift recipient doesn’t receive one that malfunctions, this should last them a long time. The Sonos brand tends to be associated with long-lasting, high-quality construction.

Meaningfulness: For most movie lovers, being able to hear every minute of sound is just as important as the soundtrack. This sound bar will amplify, equalize, and improve their movie-watching experience.

Price: If the price is not right, check out our Christmas Gift Guide for Friends. Or #4 is a similar, more affordable, option to consider.

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