Best Christmas Gift for Heavy Sleepers

Sonic Alert Alarm Clock
  • Extremely loud alert plus bed vibrations and lights means effective wake-up
  • Simple without extra, unnecessary features
  • Compact and fits nicely on his bedside table
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Incredibly loud with highly effective built-in vibration and lights, guaranteed to wake up even deep sleepers, plus built-in battery backup ensures consistent functioning.

It can be challenging to set the hour (must read instructions THOROUGHLY).


Details: If he has a hard time waking up in the morning, this is the gift he needs (even if he doesn't love what it represents)! Not only is it one of the loudest alarm clocks around (up to 113 db), but it comes with bright LED lights and a Super Shaker bed vibration unit that will vibrate the bed as the alert goes off. If he doesn't like the vibration and lights, he can set it for sound only. The volume and tone are fully adjustable, making it ideal for both light and deep sleepers.

The clock runs on wall power, but it also has a built-in battery so it will always be on and accurate. Be warned: the clock is a bit tricky to set up properly, so he'll need to read the instruction manual thoroughly before using!

Price: The $34 you'll pay for this product will be money well-spent if he has a habit of sleeping through his morning alarms. It's loud, annoying, and guaranteed to wake him up!


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