Why people love it
  • Great for cooking for larger groups
  • Well-made and reliable construction
  • Easy to use as either a stove or a campfire

Because this is the largest of the Solo Stoves, it is a little too bulky to be carried around by backpackers.


Price: This Solo Stove Campfire deal brings two pots and a carrying case along with it, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing extra accessories that may or may not work or fit. While this is the most expensive camping stove on our list, we think the price is worth it if you cook for larger groups on a regular basis.

Size: This two-pound camping stove is about twice as big as its Titan sister, which is why this is perfect for cooking for larger groups of campers. While it does come with its own carrying case, it's not as convenient to pack up and carry as there are two pots and a fairly tall unit (9.25”).

Stability: With a 7” diameter, this stove doesn’t have any reported issues of instability in supporting pans or standing on the ground.

Fuel: Solo Stove is all about relying on environmentally-friendly fuels to power their stoves. While that means it may take a little longer to bring liquid to a boil, that shouldn’t take away from the overall efficiency of this stove.

Reliability: There are no 1-, 2-, or 3-star reviews on Amazon for this stove, so that’s an excellent indicator of overall reliability of this camping stove.

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