SOLO Mio Sonic Face Cleansing Brush

Best Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush

Why people love it
  • Lasts forever on one charge
  • Fits great in your hand
  • No brush heads to replace

Because of the non-abrasive silicone, it can take a little longer to see result compared to bristled facial cleansing devices. But it is much gentler on the skin. 


Effectiveness: Some facial cleansing brushes give you a deep clean right away, providing dramatic results. But this can be a bit too harsh on a lot of skin types, so the SOLO Mio takes a slow and steady approach that is gentle, soothing, and really works without exfoliating too harshly too soon. You can see results in two weeks of use, and the shape is particularly great for harder to reach areas around the nostrils and bridge of the nose.

Durability: This is a tough sonic facial cleansing brush! It lasts about a month on one charge and is fully waterproof. The Mio is made from FDA grade silicone and the company stands behind the product with a great refund policy if you aren't happy with your results. 

Price: The SOLO Mio is the most affordable sonic brush on our list for everyday use and was made to last. 

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