Why people love it
  • Tool locks reduce the risk of injury, but don't interfere with easy operation
  • Highly durable tool; can handle a lot of regular heavy-duty use
  • Designed for military/law enforcement applications

Designed for heavy-duty use, comes with a wide assortment of tools, durable design, easy to open, perfect for law enforcement officers, and solidly built.

Pricey; heavy and fairly large.


Features: This is the multi-tool to carry if you don’t mind a bit of extra heft, but want a tool that can handle all your daily use. The extra weight is an indicator of the high quality materials (420 stainless steel) used to build it. It's bulkier than the other tools on this list, yet definitely one of the most durable.

The gears built into the handle increase the torque on the pliers, giving you an impressive amount of cutting and gripping power. Half of the tools can be opened from the outside of the tool for maximum convenience, but there is a tool lock to reduce injuries.

You get 16 tools in one, including: pliers, two blades, four screwdrivers, v-cutter, full-serrated blade, three-sided file, blasting cap crimper, bolt grip channel, bottle opener, can opener, ruler, straight edge blade, V-cutter, and wire crimper. It's the ultimate tool to use for law enforcement or military operations, as it comes with everything you need for any on-the-job situation.

Price: At $60, this is one of the pricier tools on the list. However, considering its heavy-duty design and very practical range of features, it's worth considering if you need a tactical multi-tool.

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