Why people love it
  • Add warmth and padding to your bed
  • Super luxurious; ultra-soft and supportive bed topper
  • Built-in heater keeps you warm and cozy all winter long

Not the most reliable and prone to breakage and quality control issues.


Material: This mattress pad is intended for use BENEATH you rather than on top of you, so it's made with micro-velour fabric that is soft to the touch but adds a bit of support and padding to your bed. The fabric is fully machine washable and dryer safe, even with the ultra-thin heating element wires running throughout. There's no risk of stretching, shrinking, or pilling, though expect some wear and tear with regular use.

Heating: The heating element is divided into dual zones (one for each partner), with dual controls that allow each of you to set the heat exactly how you want it. The controls are lighted to make them easy to find in the dark. The heater runs on low-voltage power, so there's little risk of shorts, over-heating, or electric shocks. For added safety, there's a 10-hour shut-off setting.

For those who want to climb into a warm bed, switch on the pre-heat and hold setting a few minutes before bed time. The mattress pad will have everything toasty by the time you're done with your evening ritual.

Price: At $130 (for a queen-sized mattress pad), this is definitely one of the pricier products on our list, but totally worth it if you want to add both an added layer of support and plushness to your bed while keeping everything warm!

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