SodaStream Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker Starter Kit

Best Kitchen Gadget for Entertaining at Home

Why people love it
  • Remarkably easy to use
  • Cost effective alternative to sodas
  • If you have it, you'll use it all the time

Get soda water in less than a minute without electricity, batteries, clean up, or tubing. You're going to love making your own mixers or sparkling drinks at home. 

You will need to replace the CO2 bottles from time to time. And, watch out - you can't put the bottles in the dishwasher. 


SodaStream has been around for a long time - even if this gadget is a new addition to this list. And it's perhaps one of the best additions you can offer a home bar - or just have lying around for those long summer days when you need a mixer... or perhaps to take a break from all those drinks. Once you start using it, you'll never turn back. Plus, it's so much better for the environment than an endless stream of cans and bottles. 

What’s it used for? This is the easiest way to make soda water, tonic, and a host of carbonated beverages. As long as you have the appropriate syrup, you can whip up just about anything you want. Brilliant, right? 

Is it easy to use? Yes, yes, and yes! Once you've inserted the CO2 bottle into the back, all you need to do is screw in the bottle and push a button. Really, it's about as simple as that. 

Dishwasher-safe? Sadly, neither the machine nor the bottles are dishwasher safe. You'll need to wipe down the machine and hand wash the bottles. If only it could go in the dishwasher, we'd be in love. 

Will it break the bank? If you can get this model for less than $75, you've just scored a massive deal. Not only do you get the SodaStream machine, you also get a starter carbonator and a bottle for mixing drinks. However, you should know that you'll need to pick up the flavors separately. Still, you'll recoup your investment quickly during the long summer days (or the winter ones when stopping off at the shops seems like a huge hassle).

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