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  • Lifetime warranty
  • Includes a reusable carbonator to fizz up to 60L of soda

Soda Stream has been around for a long time, but it's only just come back as a result of the sexy new branding this gadget has just gotten. It's perfect for mixers and for whipping up your own personal rehydrate solution the morning after. This Soda Stream Revolution soda maker is black with nickel accents.  And, this particular model includes a 6 pack of Soda Stream mixes so you can get going immediately.

What Reviewers Say: 

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  • I love this machine. It is the one to get.
  • So, hey, SodaStream - I love you
  • I received this item as a Christmas present from my wife. We go through a lot of club soda entertaining, as well as a lot of soda when the kids are around. This machine makes soda that compares very favorably to national brand soda. I also like the fact that you can dial up or down the sugar content vs a standard can of soda. Also did I say SUGAR? These soda syrups are REAL SUGAR.....not HFCS which we are all trying to avoid now. There are so many low calorie spritzers you can make as well with just natural ingredients. I have been making my own "syrup" from fresh lime juice and stevia. I make my soda water and keep it in the frig...then when I want a cool drink I just put some of my home made syrup in a glass...pour in the soda water and enjoy. I love the versatility of this machine. It seems to be well made and is holding up nicely. I was able to find a store locally to swap air canisters with, so that is convenient. Numerous other reviewers have mentioned the cost savings vs. store bought soda....so I will not elaborate further other than to say they are right, it is much cheaper. I mainly love the convenience of always having soda or club soda available if you want some, no lugging cases of cans arounds....and no ants in the recycling bin from the empty cans in it. I am really happy with this machine and would definately reccomend.


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