Why people love it
  • Made with uber-soft and durable merino wool
  • Comfortable, good elasticity, and great fit for most men
  • Moderate compression reduces inflammation and adds support for joints and muscles

Comfortable, soft, supportive, easy to stretch and slip on, made in the USA, versatile sock, light cushioning in the sole, offers arch support, seamless toe closure prevents discomfort in your shoes, and reinforced toe and heel box.

A bit too small for very thick calves.


Performance: If you're looking for comfort above all else, these socks are definitely what you want. Made with 32% uber-soft Merino wool, you'll find these are as comfortable as the snuggly socks you love to wear on a cold winter day. Thanks to the addition of Stretch Nylon, Bamboo Rayon, and Spandex, they have just the right amount of elasticity and compression without losing their durability.

The socks offer moderate compression, making them perfect for all-purpose uses. They're not so tight that you'll have to struggle to pull them up, but they stay nicely in place and won't slip around. They're just the right blend of super durable and amazingly comfy.

Design: The graduated compression design ensures even pressure on your calf, ankle, and foot. The seamless toe closure will be nice and comfortable in even tight sports shoes, and the reinforced toe and heel seams give these socks an added durability you'll love. The elastic of the calf is a bit tight for men with larger muscles, but the length is ideal for taller-than-average guys.

There is even a bit of padding built into the heel and forefoot, offering padding to reduce impact on your joints. The arch support in the socks will keep your feet comfortable no matter how much you jump or run around.

Price: At $21 per pair, these are a great pair of socks. They're pricier than you'd pay for regular socks, but the ideal price range for compression socks. Best of all, they're durable enough for everyday wear and comfortable enough for work, sports, and travel.

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