Why people love it
  • Sends an alert if your infant stops moving or breathing
  • Clips onto a diaper, onesie, or seatbelt buckle for easy use anywhere
  • VERY long-lasting battery

Ideal for babies with health problems, easy to clip to child's clothing or diaper, durable and long-lasting design.

Awkward positioning on the child makes it less reliable.



For parents who are worried about the health of their little ones, this device will give you peace of mind. It's designed to alert you if the baby stops breathing (suffocation, SIDS, etc.). There is a vibrating alert if your infant doesn't move or breathe for 15 seconds, and an audible alarm 5 seconds later. It's designed to clip onto your child's diaper, onesie, or seatbelt, and it's comfortable for the little one to wear while sleeping.


The materials used in the design of the Snuza are all medical-grade and hypoallergenic, ideal for babies with sensitive skin. It has excellent battery life (some users report up to 1 year), and the battery is easily replaced. As long as it's placed correctly (against the infant's belly button), it will ALWAYS alert you if your child's movement or breathing stops.


The device costs $130, making it a slightly pricier option than your average baby monitor. However, for babies with health problems (premature babies, breathing difficulties, heart trouble, etc.), it's the best device to help you keep a close eye on your little one as they sleep. You can't put a price on your baby's wellbeing.

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